FTC——Using the certificate economy to solve the multi-level distribution problem of e-commerce

The pass-through economy is a kind of distribution incentive scheme that is more widely distributed to the company through a pre-agreed smart contract and 100% trust in the blockchain. It is a production relationship with the current company (equity) system. Upgrade, you can carry out all-incentives, can carry out ecological upstream and downstream incentives, and even motivate consumers. Let everyone who contributes value to the company share the rewards of growth in corporate value.

Multi-level distribution means that the sales channels of products go through multiple sales levels. In theory, the multi-level pyramid distribution structure is a sales method that facilitates management and rapid development, and can motivate people. However, it also brings shortcomings such as high product prices, exaggerated effects, and the cost of collecting membership fees.

FTC's concept of a pass-through economy using blockchains perfectly solves this problem.

Throughout the sales system, when sales are generated

- Those who directly generate sales can obtain sales profits (¥ legal currency) and receive token rewards.
——The above two levels of recommendation personnel and operation team of the sales staff can also receive token rewards.

In this way, compared with the traditional three-level distribution, the price caused by the layer-level price increase is avoided, and the inner conflict between the purchase customers and the multi-person distribution is avoided. This will ensure that the products of the FTC platform are cost-effective and have obvious price advantages.

At the same time, the existence of the FTC token can ensure that all the people of the multi-level team have the same interests. The platform revenue represented by the FTC token is distributed to everyone according to the proportion of the token (contribution ratio), and the value of the platform grows. It will also reflect the value added of tokens held by everyone. In a word, everyone is the master of the platform, so that everyone will actively promote and promote the token reward according to the contribution.