FTC collects brand names for the entire community

As a pass-through community, the project belongs to all communities, and every step of the work is open and transparent and requires community participation. Then the first step is to start the power of the community and start from our e-commerce platform. A loud name begins.

First, the platform introduction
[Platform products]: High quality, competitive price (high cost performance), imagine Japan's MUJI selection.
[product direction]: daily necessities
[Platform]: Let people live a better life and meet the needs of people's consumption upgrade
[Platform Selection]: Select products in each category and help users to filter and select products in each category.
[Sales channel]: Sharing and dissemination through social networks, group communication and group sales, circle of friends, etc.

[Platform Features] (Not the same as other platforms):
1. The platform belongs to all FTC holders of the community and pays dividends on a monthly basis.
2, the platform architecture in the blockchain, sales data on the chain, open and transparent
3. Reward FTC according to sales contribution, fair and equitable distribution according to work.

Second, other e-commerce platform brand name analysis:
 Taobao: highlights the verbs of Amoy, and emphasizes that the selected items are all baby, catchy.
 Gathering: It not only highlights the concept of big data cloud, but also highlights the concept of market, and is catchy, is an excellent platform name.
 Netease's strict selection: Strict selection, highlighting the platform concept, the word is slightly longer, but highlights the advantages of Netease brand.
 A lot of spells: The brand name of about 2 characters is registered almost, so using three words, ABB's composition is very rhyming, easy to remember, and highlights the sales characteristics of the group.

Third, the requirements:
1, catchy, easy to remember
2, brand trademark can be registered
3. The brand name does not exceed 4 words.
4, Chinese, can be used in English
5, can include blockchain, big data cloud, community group purchase, sea election / selection, supermarket and other concepts is better
6, do not read the words of the cold and the mouth.

Fourth, reward
A reward of 10,000 FTC is awarded for the name that is ultimately selected.