Zhi store supply chain selection rules V1.0

Zhi store supply chain selection rules V1.0

I. Overview of the selection

[Selection direction]: daily necessities

[Selection purpose]: High-quality, cost-effective products to meet people's consumption upgrade needs.

[Selection target]: Select 1-3 products in each sub-category, and help users to do the screening. It is necessary to have a detaiLED comparison evaluation and compare it from multiple dimensions.

Second, the supplier requirements

1. Understand the FTC's future Certified Community concept and recognize the suppliers of FTC's future Certified Community Culture and Management.

2. The supplier is the direct production factory of the product, or the direct brand party, or the supplier is the top agent of the well-known brand, and has complete authorization information (and verified by the value store).

3. Sustainable and stable supply.

4, commodity price concessions, the supply price to meet the 5-15% gross margin space (by product line), the retail price of the product needs to be no higher than the price of Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao on the same product or similar products.

5, provide samples 1-3 for evaluation

6, provide product details, parameters and graphics, packaging parameters.

7. Providing a generation is preferred.

8. Providing the account period is preferred.